What do I do if I break my Band Instrument?

​Having a PLAYABLE Band Instrument in WORKING condition is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, not Mr. Tuttle's. It is YOUR job to get it REPAIRED if it is BROKEN.

  • If you TAKE CARE of your BAND INSTRUMENT and keep it properly SECURED in its CASE, then RARELY will you need to have it REPAIRED.
  • There are times that an instrument BREAKS either from an ACCIDENT or just as result of NORMAL USE.
  • Since Concert Band is a PERFORMANCE COURSE you need to get your BAND INSTRUMENT fixed as SOON as POSSIBLE.
  • A REPRESENTATIVE from SCHMITT MUSIC comes to Ada every WEEK.
    • This person can take your BAND INSTRUMENT to Fargo for REPAIRS and BRING IT BACK to Ada.  
    • All you need to do is get a REPAIR TAG from Mr. Tuttle.
    • To SPEED UP the process, sometimes parents PICK UP the Band Instrument in Fargo once it is REPAIRED, instead of WAITING a WEEK to get the instrument back.
    • Or they DROP OFF the BAND INSTRUMENT at the Schmitt Music Store in Fargo and have the Schmitt Music Rep bring it back once it is repaired.
  • If you prefer to have Ekroth Music REPAIR your BAND INSTRUMENT, you will need to DROP OFF and PICK UP the Band Instrument from the STORE once it is repaired.  No ROAD REP from Ekroth Music comes to Ada.
  • When you send an INSTRUMENT in for repairs please, let Mr. Tuttle know BEFORE the Band Rehearsal.
    • Sometimes we have a LOANER Instrument that you can use until you get your Instrument back.
    • Also, if you have PURCHASED the Instrument from Schmitt Music or Ekroth Music, they MAY be able to GIVE you a LOANER Instrument while you wait for the repair to be completed.   

Having a BROKEN Instrument IS NOT an EXCUSE to do NOTHING during the Concert Band Rehearsal. EVERYONE Plays.